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As British people, we are subjected to the disturbing habits of Chavs every single day. Chavbase is here to help you understand the lives and behaviours of Chavs, and how to deal with them.

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The word "sound" is used as an affirmative word. It is used to express affirmation to a subject, sentence or even sometimes just for no reason. A common phrase would be "alright g, ill see ya later, sound"
The word "Pinging" means to be under the influence of a psychoactive substance, for example MDMA. An exemplar sentence would be "I'm pingin bro"
crazy or mad “Are you dizzy?!” = “Are you mad?!”
To be confused: e.g. B: “the square root of 100 is 25” G: “smh are you waved or something? It’s 10”
means someone’s going to HiT yOu or kNocK yOu OuT e.g. “if he says that again I’m gonna spark him 😤😤”
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