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The word "sound" is used as an affirmative word. It is used to express affirmation to a subject, sentence or even sometimes just for no reason. A common phrase would be "alright g, ill see ya later, sound"
The word "Pinging" means to be under the influence of a psychoactive substance, for example MDMA. An exemplar sentence would be "I'm pingin bro"
crazy or mad “Are you dizzy?!” = “Are you mad?!”
To be confused: e.g. B: “the square root of 100 is 25” G: “smh are you waved or something? It’s 10”
means someone’s going to HiT yOu or kNocK yOu OuT e.g. “if he says that again I’m gonna spark him 😤😤”
To "prett" someone is to fornicate them in an aggressive manner. Usually used when Chavs make an attempt at dirty-talk and tell a potential mate that they're going to "prett" them, meaning that they're going to have very hard, sometimes non-consensually rough sex with the potential mate
Another word Chavs use to describe females. Gyal derives from "girl", often used when Chavs are advertising potential mates to fellow Chavs
When two Chavs or groups of Chavs have a mutual disagreement between themselves
To "lick" someone is to hit them. Usually when a Chav has an issue with a fellow Chav, they will fight their differences away by a brutal "licking"
Someone who is "Merked" is very ugly and is often used by Chavs to describe a bad-looking girl
To be "wired"is to be under the influence of a variety of class A drugs, including Cocaine, Ecstasy or MDMA. An example of how a Chav would use this in conversation is "Man was bare wired last night, sniffed a key of MD in the Sainsbury's car park innit."
When a Chav is 'pranged' it is scared. A common phrase would be 'bro I was bare pranged'
To hotbox something, is to fill a room or area with an excessive amount of vapour or smoke to the point where a Chav cannot see more than 3 centimetres infront of it
Piffness has the same definition as "piff" whereby this word describes something which is very good, or top-notch
Chavs usually use this word to describe money - however as Brits, they do not use Dollars, they use British Sterling therefore making the reference null
When the word 'safe' is used, it implies that the current conversation has come to an end, or that a fellow Chav has done something exceedingly respectful. It can also be used in a greeting if a Chav says 'Safe G' meaning 'Hello, my good chap!'
Phat clouds
A 'Phat Cloud' is a large amount of water vapour excreted from an electronic cigarette - this can have connotations with the phrase 'sick sheesha yara'
To give a male Chav oral sex. Usually associated with female Chavs
A draw is another name for a 10 bag
Fat Bag
A fat bag, or a "fat sack" is a 10 bag, or draw with more cannabis inside than expected
Opp is short for opponent. When the word 'opp' is used, it means that the victim of the word is in an opposition gang. This will usually insinuate violence between two or more groups of Chavs
To be charged is to be heavily under the influence of cannabis , causing a Chav to perform unnatural actions
An adjective to describe someone/something as ugly
A female Chav who another male Chav finds attractive
Chavs of Pakistani descent typically use this phrase to either greet or ask 'whats new'. Translates directly as 'more?'
Git on
A phrase used to indicate that you are having sexual feeliings towards another Chav. It is a shortened version of 'git on dick', meaning 'please may you sit on my penis'
A common phrase to replace "What is going on?"
A female Chav's buttocks
A half-extinguished cigarette. Usually used in the phrase 'Err, why you smoking a docker bro'
What it do?
The phrase "What it do" is colloquial speech for the English expressions "How are you doing today" or "Hello, what is going on?" It is also used as a rhetorical question, often clarifying, or re-emphasizing what was just acknowledged. This practice of language is often used by African Americans, or Hispanics
Simply, the word 'Deggy' is used to describe how bad/unimpressive something is
The word 'chore' is usually used to describe a task which is needed to be performed, however in the Chav world, it is used to describe theft. A common phrase would be 'just chorred a fat zoot off this weakting'
A word to replace the word 'standard'. A Chav will usually use this word at the end of a sentence, or as a reply to another Chav. It is used to express the positive gratitude of the contextual sentence
To vomit
A word used for one Chav to address another fellow Chav
Gang Gang
A word used to confirm feelings or plans between two Chavs or a group of Chavs
A word used by Chavs to describe their current state of inebriation. Describing the action of being 'Spangled' is 'Enspanglement'
Deng is the polar opposite to the word 'Peng'. It is used to describe something as not very good, as opposed to something that is very good.
This is is a term used to describe somebody who is especially good looking. Another variant of this word is "Pengting" and is usually used when someone is admiring someone else for their looks. As well as this, it can be used to describe something as good or "top notch"
Piff is a word used to describe something that is very good. Another variant of the word is 'piffting'. Piffting is used to describe a potential mate for a Chav, and means that they are good looking
Used by Chavs of a Pakistani descent. This word is used to greet or define a Chav's friend or colleague
A word used when two Chav's agree with eachother
To be given milky is to be slapped around the head vigorously by a Chav. Also known as a 'chavslap'
This is a direct antonym to the archetypal word of 'bad'. However Chavs add extra letters to add a sense of emphasis to the word, therefore it being hyperbolic. It means for something to great or good
The opposite of its true definition peak is used to describe something at it's lowest point. For instance, a typical conversation would be:
Person A: my dad died in his sleep last night
Person B: Awh snap! That's bare peak!
Blud is a word which can indicate a friendship between Chavs. A common phrase would be 'yeah blud wagwarn'
'Flapping it'
To disregard a Chav's intent to hurt you. Usually you will be mocked by the Chav's acquaintances to the extent of an immediate 'spannering'
To chong, is to puff on a cigarette or zoot
To save somebody 'twos' is the act of saving half of a cigarette or zoot with another Chav. Usually, when a Chav does not posess a cigarette, it will ask for 'twos'
Somebody who a Chav believes to be mentally unstable